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The Benefits of ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

Dentists have prescribed conventional braces to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems for several centuries now. Yet while modern braces are far less obtrusive and far more comfortable than ever before, no amount of innovation will ever turn steel invisible. (But who can really say for sure when the transparent aluminum alloy is already on the market?)

Clear aligners are the least obtrusive orthodontic corrective device available. ClearCorrect invisible braces, which may be prescribed to treat a wide variety of dental conditions, have become increasingly popular among people who want better smiles without the inconvenience of traditional metal braces. Some conditions that can be treated include overcrowding, crossbite, overbite, underbite, and large gaps between the teeth.

ClearCorrect’s invisibility is far from its sole benefit – but it’s certainly the perk that intrigues people the most!

ClearCorrect Truly Is Invisible

ClearCorrect aligners are made of transparent polyurethane, and they are a mere 0.03″ thick. If you studied the smile of someone who is wearing ClearCorrect aligners very closely, you would find it incredibly difficult – and more likely impossible – to say whether they are wearing any dental device at all!

ClearCorrect Is Comfortable

Each set of ClearCorrect braces is custom-tailored to its patient’s teeth. First, your orthodontist will take impressions, X-rays, and photos of your teeth. Then they will send your information to ClearCorrect where one-of-a-kind aligners are created specifically for your smile.

You may notice a slight sensation in your mouth as your ClearCorrect applies targeted pressure to whichever teeth require alignment. But other than that, the device is remarkably comfortable. It is virtually weightless and too thin to be noticed. It also creates much less of an intrusion than thicker braces could ever manage to.

ClearCorrect Is Convenient

Popcorn, candy, pizza, bagels, chips, and pretzels – these are just some of the foods you must avoid eating while you are wearing conventional metal braces. Many of us wouldn’t dare to imagine life without pizza, but that dismal state of affairs is completely avoidable thanks to ClearCorrect. While they are meant to be worn for at least 22 hours a day, it is easy to remove ClearCorrect in an instant, This allows you to still be able to enjoy your favorite foods and brush and floss just as you would normally.

ClearCorrect Is Healthy

Obsolete polymers notoriously contained potentially harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA). It may increase the risk of developing hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. BPA may also adversely affect brain and prostate gland development in fetuses, babies, and young children.

ClearCorrect is reassuringly BPA-free. Better yet, the polyurethane ClearCorrect is made from poses no known adverse health effects to human beings!

ClearCorrect Is Durable

People who play sports and work in labor-intensive fields don’t cherish the thought of suffering some injury that could break the metal braces in their mouths. No one wants a protruding wire in such a sensitive area of their body!

ClearCorrect doesn’t pose this problem. Each thoroughly inspected and tested aligner is incredibly resilient to cracking, splitting, and staining, so you can rest assured that your ClearCorrect won’t make an already unpleasant injury even graver.

ClearCorrect Is American-Made

They certainly make nice things in other countries. No one should be so patriotic that they would deprive themselves of Canadian maple syrup and French cheese. But there is always something heartening about purchasing an American-made product, and every ClearCorrect aligner is proudly made in Round Rock, Texas.

ClearCorrect Is Effective

All of ClearCorrect’s other benefits wouldn’t amount to very much if it failed to straighten your teeth as well. Ever since Dr. Willis Pumphrey developed the ClearCorrect system in 2006, millions of patients across the world have used it to achieve straighter, more attractive smiles. Each custom-made ClearCorrect precisely applies the exact amount of pressure necessary to gently push the teeth into ideal alignment, painlessly!

ClearCorrect Is Flexible

Not literally – a ClearCorrect aligner is in fact a quite rigid device. But whether you seek a minor aesthetic correction to your smile or a comprehensive long-term treatment for some larger condition, ClearCorrect very likely poses the ideal solution for your unique dental needs.

ClearCorrect treatment typically takes 6 to 18 months, but its benefits – and its results – become apparent almost immediately. If you would like to learn more about ClearCorrect and determine whether the state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment might be right for you, then we welcome you to contact Riverview Dental in Sioux Falls, South Dakota today!

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