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Finding the Best Family Dentistry in Sioux Falls

Imagine this: You have to take your family members to different dentists based on their age and dental health needs. How tiring and cumbersome would that be? Wouldn’t it be much easier if a dental practice provided all dental care services for your entire family under one roof? We think so. That is why at Riverview Dental, we offer all major family dentistry services to the residents of Sioux Falls under one roof. Therefore, patients don’t have to visit multiple dentists for their dental care. Consider us a one-stop-shop for your entire family’s dental health, irrespective of their age or dental care needs.

What is a Family Dentistry?

Most dentists specialize in taking care of dental needs of a specific age group. On the other hand, a family dentist is trained in providing dental care to individuals of all ages. According to American Association of General Dentistry, about 140,000 dentists in North America are practicing family dentistry.

How to Find the Right Family Dental Practice for your Family

Here are some tips to help you find a dental clinic that suits your family’s needs:

  • Consider the Needs of your Family – Make a list of dental services which are required by each member of your family. For example, your son may need a filling, your daughter may need teeth braces, your wife may require teeth whitening, and your Dad may need dentures or dental implants. Consider a family dentist who provides all these services at the same place.
  • Consider the Locality – You should look for a Sioux Falls Family dentist that is close to your residence, workplace, or your children’s schools. You won’t have to spend extra time and money on commuting to the practice. Riverview Dental is conveniently located at 2425 W 57th Street in Sioux Falls.
  • Visit the Practice – Seeing is believing. You should visit the dental office you are considering to ensure your family feels comfortable with the environment and staff. Also, you can ask the dentists about their qualifications and experience as family dentists in Sioux Falls. Once you are completely satisfied with the facilities and services provided at the practice, you can then decide. At Riverview, we have one of the most qualified and experienced family dentists and hygienists in the area. Additionally, we stay on top of the latest dental technologies to ensure a painless dental experience.
  • Ask About Emergency Services – This is very important! You should choose a family dental practice that provides round the clock emergency dental services. You should at least have the phone number of the practice to call for immediate assistance, in case of an emergency
  • Research is Key! – Asking for your friends’ and colleagues’ opinions regarding the best family dentists in Sioux Falls can be very rewarding. They have firsthand knowledge about the quality of services and facilities available at their dental clinic. They might also share with you any unpleasant experiences they may have had.

At Riverview Dental, “family dental care with a personal touch” is our top motto, and we make every effort to make sure your visit is a pleasant one.

Call us at (605) 339-2040 with your questions or to set up an appointment.  See the difference we can make to your family’s dental health!