Preventive Dental Services

At Riverview Dental, we are a family dentistry who believe in the incredible nurturing power of families. Parents, we encourage you to begin teaching your children good oral health habits when they are very young. This includes brushing, flossing, healthy eating, and preventive dental visits for the entire family, including you!

Your Initial Dental Visit

Your initial visit is an investigative one for the dental staff, which will ultimately determine your course of treatment. Some things you might expect on your first visit to the family dentist include:

  • Insurance Questions: If you are insured, bring your information with you so we can make a copy of it and bill appropriately.
  • Medical History: Tell us about health issues (past or current), medications, diet, and tobacco use, as these may impact your treatment. Be sure to notify the staff if you are pregnant.
  • Discussion: Mention concerns about your teeth, gums, and general oral health with the dentist—PLEASE, ask questions!
  • Oral Exam: This includes a visual gum-tissue and oral-cancer scan, x-rays and periodontal charting.

Regular Dental Checkups

Routine dental checkups to a family dentist are recommended every six months (in the case of periodontal disease, every three months) to maintain optimal oral health. Your comprehensive dental care visit may include:


This is a cleaning by one of our qualified dental hygienists to remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth, usually every six months. In addition, our staff will perform gingival therapy (deep cleanings) and scaling and root planing (for on-going management of periodontal disease), depending on your customized treatment plan.


As a family dentistry, we care about the overall health of your family. That’s why we use a Sirona Digital 3D Panoramic X-ray machine, which uses 90% less radiation than conventional equipment and provides instant results. How often you need X-rays depends on your age, current oral health, and indications of oral disease. Children may require X-rays more often because their teeth and jaws are still growing, and they are more vulnerable to tooth decay than adults. Pregnant women must notify our staff of the pregnancy prior to X-rays.


Most of us will require at least one filling over the span of our lives. While fillings are most often used to address cavities, they may also be utilized to repair broken, cracked, or worn teeth. At Riverview Dental, we use Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) when appropriate. After numbing the patient to pain, we remove the decayed area of the tooth and clean it out before filling it with the appropriate material. A bite check will ensure your teeth align properly.

At Riverview Dental, we’ve been practicing dentistry for over a decade.

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