Affordable Dental Care in Sioux Falls Area in SD


As one grows older, the probability of losing teeth to decay and gum diseases increases. According to data on the American Dental Association (ADA) website, two thirds of US citizens have already lost more than one tooth by the time they cross 40. Unfortunately, as your needs for dental care multiply with age, that is the time when your ability to earn also dwindles. In addition to age, there are other factors such as neglecting your oral health, tooth decay from sugar in foods and drinks, and certain habits like cigarette smoking which can cause dental problems almost at any age.


High Cost of Dental Treatment
Health care in the United states is very costly, especial dental care. As an example, the cost of the lowest quality partial denture starts above $300. These low end partial dentures have their own problems, and often users think they would be better without them. Barely acceptable quality can cost close to $1500. If you think of it that’s not pocket change either, especially for those with limited financial resources. Good quality partial dentures could cost beyond $5000, and maybe, twice as much for a full set. The best, and the most reliable solution, of course, is dentures which are supported on dental implants. Cost of an implant solution can vary from $3500 for a low- end partial to as high as $90000 for the high-end solution!


Tooth Replacement is Necessary
Replacing your missing natural teeth is not an option! Teeth are as essential for your health as other parts of your body.

If you do not replace your missing teeth you get handicapped in many ways such as:

  • Poor Physical Health – teeth are necessary for chewing food, and breaking it down into smaller particles, so that it can be easily digested. When you lose some or all your teeth, and you don’t replace them, your body is unable to derive energy from food, thereby deteriorating your physical well being
  • Difficulty in Chewing – Your ability to eat and chew decreases, resulting in digestion problems and general deterioration of health
  • Impaired Facial Esthetics – Your smile is impaired, drastically, if front teeth are involved. That is a big social handicap, affecting your social appeal, undermining your self-esteem
  • Difficulty in Speech – You will be unable to pronounce certain words properly, again undermining your social effectiveness.


Tooth Replacement Options
Depending on the number and location of affected teeth multiple options are available:

  • One or two teeth can be replaced with bridges
  • But if one loses more teeth, partial dentures or implants become necessary.
  • When most of the teeth are missing a full denture, either conventional or implant supported, is required.


Finding Affordable Dental Care Options
Meeting such high costs of dental care out of one’s pocket is difficult. At the same time, neglecting dental health can be disastrous. Since dental care cannot be ignored and cost of treatment varies over a very wide range, it is necessary to look around carefully and find a practice where there is an optimal balance between cost and quality. In other words, you are looking for a dental practice which offers a combination of affordable dental care with good quality.


Riverview Dental

Luckily, Riverview is one such affordable dental practice which also offers top notch dental services in the Sioux Falls area. Not only do we provide affordable dental care, but we also make it convenient for our esteemed patients, by providing multiple flexible payment options. We accept virtually all dental payment plans like Delta Dental care and Care Credit, and also accept all major US debit and credit cards.
At Riverview Dental, our primary concern is to provide you with the best dental care at affordable rates. Our dentist, Dr. Cale Slack and his team of dental hygienists and dental assistants are highly experienced in treating all types of dental problems, and are well-known among the residents of Sioux Falls SD to be an excellent dentist. In addition to that, the clinic maintains state-of-the-art dental diagnostic and therapeutic equipment which is helpful in accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients in a pain-free way.
Visit us and you will find that not only do we have among the most qualified dentists and equipped clinics in the area, we are also among the most affordable and have flexible payment plans in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas in SD.


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