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Pain Free Dentist in Sioux Falls, SD

Are you afraid of getting dental treatment because you fear that it will be painful?

You are not alone. According to an estimate, more than 75% of Americans have some form of dental fear. At Riverview Dental, we want to make dental treatment a painless experience for our patients. That is why Dr. Preston employs the latest techniques & technologies to provide you pain-free dental treatment in a comfortable and soothing environment.

Conventional Techniques for Painless Dental Treatment

Conventionally, dentists used various techniques with varying success rates, to make their patients free of pain during dental procedures. Some of them are:

  • Novocain Anesthesia – This is also known as local anesthesia. Dentists inject Novocain around the procedure site in the mouth. The anesthetic effect of this drug takes a few minutes to manifest. Unfortunately, this technique is not suitable for patients who are fearful of needles. Patients still have to undergo the process of getting anesthetized by using an injection.
  • Sedation Dentistry – Extremely frightened patients can be calmed down by using sedation. Under sedation, patients are drowsy and don’t remember the details of the procedure. Meanwhile, they are still able to respond to the dentist’s instructions. However, sedation dentistry is quite expensive and not available at every dental practice.
  • Relieving Anxiety – It is a known fact that when patients are anxious or depressed, their pain threshold is lowered significantly. They may feel pain even when the dentist touches their teeth! Therefore, dentists also use anxiety relieving techniques, such as soothing music, diverting the attention of the patients by frequently talking to them and creating a naturally soothing vibe of the dental office.

Despite these techniques employed by dentists for practicing pain free dentistry, patients still feel some amount of pain during dental surgical procedures. In addition, most of the patients feel uncomfortable with the whizzing sound and vibration of the dental drill used during teeth fillings, root canal treatment and performing surgical procedures on the bone.Because of these reasons some patients avoid getting dental treatment as long as they can.

How We Provide you with Pain Free Dentistry

Dr. Preston Schraeder, our pain free dentist in Sioux Falls believes in providing a pleasant and enjoyable dental experience to his patients. This can only be possible if the patients are completely free of pain. Dr. Slack used various methods to make sure his patients remain pain free, calm and relaxed during their treatment:

  • Ensuring Profound Anesthesia  – At Riverview Dental, we make our patients pain free by skillfully administering Novocain at surgical site. Therefore, the patient has complete pain relief. Dr. Preston takes great care of his patients, and only starts a procedure once they are completely pain free.
  • Skillful Dentistry – Dr. Preston is an experienced dentist who performs dental procedures with excellent precision and accuracy. As a result, his patients feel less pain and discomfort while they are undergoing dental treatment.
  • Laser Dentistry – We believe that most common reasons for dental phobia among patients is the fear of the dental drill and the needle. To eliminate the use of both, Dr. Preston practices pain free dentistry with dental lasers. He uses Solea, a powerful CO2 based dental laser than has been approved by the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) for performing dental procedures on teeth, gums and jaw bone.

How Solea Laser Works

The Solea laser uses an Oxygen-18 isotope to generate very high light energy packets having a wavelength of 9.3µm. Adjustments to the provide maximum energy absorption by the mineral tissues present inside the teeth and the bones in the oral region. Therefore, the Solea laser can virtually vaporize the dental hard tissues and cut through soft tissues with precision and accuracy.

Pain Free Dental Procedures We Perform with Solea

At Riverview Dental, we use the Solea laser for performing the following pain-free dental procedures:

  • Pain-free Dental Fillings – conventionally, dental fillings were placed by removing the teeth cavities with the help of the dental drill. This required the use of an appropriate anesthetic agent and significant amount of drilling through the tooth structure to prepare the tooth for a filling. Solea laser makes dental fillings a simple and quick procedure, because there is no need for an anesthesia and the patient won’t hear the disturbing sound of the dental drill
  • Painless Gum and Soft Tissue Surgery – Solea lasers have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use on oral soft tissues as well. It can also be used for surgical re-contouring or removal of excessive gum tissue. We also frequently use Solea for performing pain-free removal of various oral soft tissue lesions such as fibromas and granulomas
  • Pain-free Bone Surgery – One of the most common uses of Solea lasers is to replace the dental drill in making the hole in the jaw bone for implant placement. Also, we use laser dentistry for reshaping and re-contouring of the jaw bone is to enhance the retention and stability of dentures. At Riverview Dental, we perform all these procedures by using the Solea dental laser, and have said Goodbye to the fearful dental drill.

Benefits of Solea Laser

You must be wondering why lasers are superior to the conventional dental drills, and why we are using lasers for performing pain-free dental procedures. Here are a few reasons:

  • No Pain, all the Gain! – Lasers do not require anesthesia for dental tissues before the operation. This is highly beneficial for those patients who are extremely fearful of needles. It also saves our dentist’s time, and allows them to provide better dental care to our patients
  • Say Goodbye to the Dental Drill – In addition to being completely pain-free, Solea laser is also soundless. So, no more whizzing and vibration of the dental drill! Even when we are performing surgical operations, you won’t feel or hear a thing!
  • Reduced Post-Operative Discomfort and Inflammation – Conventional dental surgery performed with a hand-piece is usually followed with significant inflammation, swelling and discomfort. This is not the case when painless dentistry is performed with Solea lasers. According to the American Academy of Laser Dentistry, lasers significantly reduce post-operative swelling and discomfort.

You don’t have to avoid dental treatment, simply because you’re afraid of the sight of a needle or the vibration of a drill! At Riverview Dental, we understand your concerns and have you covered! From highly effective Novocain anesthesia to sedation and laser dentistry, we have a multitude of options for providing you with a completely pain free dental experience in Sioux Falls.

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